Christmas Cards

Next I have been working on Christmas Cards. These first sets are totally inspired by LadyKre at Fun KREations and her YT channel is: She is truly a blessing and very inspiring. Please check out her beautiful projects. Thanks Lady Kre.

This next set is Pinterest inspired. I do like how they turned out, hope you do too.

Christmas cards

I made two Christmas cards from scraps  that I still need to finish. The second set were totally inspired by Paige “” who was inspired by ““.  Both ladies do such beautiful cards. Please check out their channels.  I have another yt friend, Glenda, that has created an svg file on her “Brother scan and cut” for this same twist and pop card.  I don’t have a Brother scan and cut but if you do check out her channel.  Her yt channel is ““.  Enjoy and I will see you all when we get back from vacation.

img_4310 img_4311 img_4315 img_4316 img_4312 img_4314