Cards for Brielle

I would like to say a huge and heart felt Thank you to all the lovely ladies and gents who made and sent cards for Brielle.    I received 22 all together and mailed everything Thursday. Below is the package and I put it in another box, the list of the people and their You Tube channels  who sent cards and the state they are from and a picture of my card. If I get more I will send them on.  Also if I missed anyone, miss-spelled a name or have the wrong information, please let me know.  I am also in the process of subbing to your channels, so if I haven’t got to you yet hang in there.   Thank you all again.

1)Tina Mohamed, MD

2)Jen Evers, WI

3)Peggy Donovan, CANADA

4)Marie Howsie, CT

5)Heather Clay, AR

6)Sandie Strickland, ID

7)K. Song, GA

8)Marla H., OR

9)Rosa Vera, CA

10)Erin Kirkpatrick, GA

11) Andi Rozdzynski, IL

12)Elizabeth Perez, IL

13)Tina Cappa, PA

14)Becky McAuley, SC

15)Candy Tichgelaar, IL

16)Ana Llanes, FL

17)Laura Santana and her twin daughters, NY

18)Daphne Dillard, CA

19)Shanta Newby, MS

20)Jennifer West, TX


IMG_3678 IMG_3679 IMG_3763