Lace molds

My inspiration didn’t stop with the mini albums. I watched a video by: Colleen -“” She tested out some things with her molds and made some beautiful cards with them.  This inspired me to get out my molds.  Then Dee on “” got out her molds with inspired me even more.  I made some molds but only had one tiny mold of the thinner lace molds.  I did do some of my thicker ones but they take a lot longer to dry and don’t come out as nice.  So today when I was at Hobby Lobby, I saw a larger lace die at a very reasonable price and with a coupon.  I have a one more coming from   Also, I did make mine using the  white acrylic latex caulk by Dap.  Check out the links to their channels for all the information and beautiful creations. Will try the molding paste later.”“.  Thank you Colleen and Dee I am really having fun.

IMG_3452 IMG_3454 IMG_3453 IMG_3451 IMG_3450 IMG_3449 IMG_3448 IMG_3447 IMG_3446 IMG_3443 IMG_3442 IMG_3441